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Instructions for our kits

All of our kits come with a brosure containing detailed instructions but for your convenience this is the process.

Place the LARGE bag of dry herbs in a large jar or pitcher preferably made of glass. Do not remove the herbs from the muslin bag, it will act as a tea filter. Add one Liter of Everclear alcohol and one liter of Vodka alcohol. If Everclear is not available use two liters of vodka.

Let it steep for five days shaking occasionally, keep in a dark place and do not refrigerate. After five days decant off the liquid squeezing as much from the mass of herb as possible. Wet the herbs with some vodka and squeeze again. Now pour the liquid through a coffee filter to get out any herbs that may be in the liquid.

The next step is to color and finish the liqueur by another round of maceration. Color the liquid by now adding the small satchel of herbs, let the herbs macerate for another three days.

The final step is micron filtration, first soak the micron filter supplied for 10 min in water, this will activate the filter. Then place the filter into a funnel (fold or roll if necessary) and pour the liquid through the filter. Repeat 3 or more times to ensure total filtration.

Now Bottle the liquid and if you do not like the bitter taste add some corn syrup or honey to the blend. That's it your done, please drink responsibly, this is very strong alcohol.


Traditional Absinthe is considered bitter and strong and this will be too. So it is traditionally diluted with cold water and sugar. Generally you dilute 1 part absinthe with 5 parts water.

The French method is as follows.

  1. pour one shot (approx 1 oz) Absinthe into a glass.
  2. Then place a perforated Absinthe spoon over the glass.
  3. Place a few sugar cubes on the spoon
  4. Very slowly pour or drip ice cold water (approx 5 oz) over the cubes so that they melt into the glass.
  5. Once glass is full mix with spoon.
  6. Enjoy!

If you have been to Europe recently then perhaps you have done a shot in a bar. The modern bohemian method is much different. The modern absinthe does not need to be diluted, they will often give you a spoon full of sugar. You then slowly dunk the spoon into the shot to saturate the sugar, then place on the glass and light with a flame. This makes for a nice effect and allows the sugar to melt. Once it has caramelized you blow it out, mix it in the shot and drink. (This method can be very dangerous due to the high flammability of alcohol, DON'T BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN.

With this absinthe you can also just do a single shot, but be aware it will be very strong. Dont over do it.



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